Pump Shaft Sleeves

 Pump Shaft Sleeves A shaft sleeve is a cylindrical hollow metal tube placed over the shaft to protect as it passes through the packing. Pump shafts are often protected from erosion, corrosion, and wear at leakage joints, seal chambers, internal bearings and in the waterways by renewable sleeves. The most common shaft sleeve function is […]

Pump Impellers

 Pump Impeller This is the main rotating parts of the pump that imparts the centrifugal acceleration  to  the  fluid.  Impellers  may  be  classified  in  many  ways.  For example:  According  to  the  direction  of liquid  flow  in  reference  to  the  axis  of rotation of the shaft:   Types of Pump Impellers i) Axial flow ii) Radial […]

Availability of Kirloskar Pump spare parts

Pumps are a very important part of a factory’s operations. Breakdown of a pump can lead to serious problems in operations, including complete stoppage of the factory. Due to this pump repairing has to be done quickly and efficiently. To repair a pump, availability of spare parts is very crucial. Without all required spare parts, […]