Availability of Kirloskar Pump spare parts

Pumps are a very important part of a factory’s operations.

Breakdown of a pump can lead to serious problems in operations, including complete stoppage of the factory.

Due to this pump repairing has to be done quickly and efficiently. To repair a pump, availability of spare parts is very crucial. Without all required spare parts, the pump cannot come into operation again. Even if a single spare part is not available, the whole pump becomes unusable.

We offer all types of spare parts for Kirloskar centrifugal pumps. The most important spare parts in a pump are impeller, shaft, shaft sleeve, bearing housing, casing cover, oil seal, mechanical seal, etc.

We have ready stock of Kirloskar pump spare parts. Spare parts for Kirloskar pumps are available in various material of construction (MOC) like Cast Iron (CI), Stainless Steel (SS) , Bronze, CF8M etc. Within these MOCs various grades are available like SS410 , SS316 etc

Kirloskar pump spares

Kirloskar pump spares


Distributors of Kirloskar pumps are an essential part in the supply chain. Distributers of Kirloskar pumps should ensure availablity of materials as factories rely on them.

Details of spare parts that are available for Kirloskar pumps are available at the webpage http://www.globalpumps.in/kirloskar.html



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